do german shepherds only bond with one person

Do German Shepherds Only Bond With One Person? Why You Shouldn’t Worry

Do German Shepherds only bond with one person?

Not at all. German Shepherds can bond and form relationships with multiple people. However, they are considered to be “one person” dogs as they tend to develop a preference or a special attachment to one specific person. So, while they can love and be loyal to many, they will have someone which they love and dedicate themselves to the most.

How Do German Shepherds Choose Their Person?

German Shepherds choose their favorite person for various reasons. But ultimately, it generally comes down to who spends the most time with them and the one who’s most affectionate towards them.

They will most likely bond with the person who was with them when they were puppies or during their early socialization stage. During this stage, the person who provided the most care, affection, and most positive experiences will generally be the German Shepherd’s person.

Identifying Your German Shepherd’s Favorite Person

Your German Shepherd will show preferential treatment and behavior towards the one who it’s most bonded with. So, it’s kind of easy to identify their favorite person.

If you’re that person, then your German Shepherd will most probably be more attentive to you, and will generally follow your commands over others. Your dog will also follow you around more and stay close to you more than it does with everyone else.

What If Your German Shepherd Prefers Someone Else?

Remember that it’s not unusual for a German Shepherd to bond with multiple people. So just because your German Shepherd may treat someone better doesn’t mean it will mistreat you in any way. Your German Shepherd will still be affectionate towards you, just relatively less compared to its person.

How To Get Your German Shepherd To Bond With Other People

Let Others Spend Time With Your Dog

Your German Shepherd will form a bond with the one that feeds and takes care of it. So, what if others fed or took care of your dog too? 

Well, they would also be able to form a relationship with your German Shepherd. Yes it won’t be as strong as the dog’s relationship with its favorite person,  but it’s a relationship nonetheless.

One way you could do this would be by splitting tasks with others. You can set up a schedule, and rotate who feeds, trains, grooms, plays, or exercises your dog. 

Or you could also do the tasks together with multiple people. Like instead of feeding your dog by yourself, you can have other people feed it with you. That way your German Shepherd will associate positive experiences with them as well.

The Importance Of Socialization

Keep in mind that German Shepherds tend to be rather protective of the ones they love and are aloof and cautious with everyone else. So, you can’t really ascertain that your German Shepherd would stay calm and not act aggressively towards other people.

Thus, before you can have anyone else spend time with your German Shepherd, your dog must be properly socialized. That way you can ensure that your dog will have no problems and won’t be fearful when meeting these other people.

Dangers Of Having A One Person Dog

There are possible dangers that come with having a one-person dog. A German Shepherd, for instance, as a generally loyal and protective breed, may end up overprotecting their favorite person.

This can be problematic as a German Shepherd can become aggressive due to its protective nature.

So, what can you do about it?

Well, this just further highlights the importance of socialization. Not only does it help introduce your German Shepherd to other people, but it also serves as an introduction to different interactions including physical contact that may look possibly threatening (like going in for a hug). With it, your German Shepherd would be able to read the room and respond accordingly.

Do German Shepherds Only Bond With One Person?

To summarize. No, German Shepherds don’t only bond with one person, and they can form loving relationships with multiple people. They will, however, have a special bond and preference for one person, specifically the one that takes care and spends the most time with them.

So, if you want to be your German Shepherd’s favorite person, be the one to shower your dog with the most love and affection.

Related Queries

How do I make a German Shepherd pick me as his person?

Your German Shepherd will form a special bond with the one that cares and provides it with the most affection. So, if you want to be your dog’s favorite person, spend time with your dog, and make happy memories.

Can a German Shepherds have two masters?

Well, the answer would depend on your definition of a master. If you define two masters as having two people that your German Shepherd would obey, then yes, a GSD can definitely have two masters. But, if you’re talking about having more than one of what we call their “person,” then not quite.

Do German Shepherds only listen to one person?

No, they don’t. While they will tend to listen to one person more than others, they will still listen to and obey other loved ones.

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