can german shepherds eat strawberries

Can German Shepherds Eat Strawberries? Important Considerations

Can German Shepherds eat strawberries? 

Yes they can! In fact, strawberries are one of the best fruits a German Shepherd can eat. They’re packed with nutrients and provide a number of health benefits that help a German Shepherd stay healthy.

That said, there are things you have to consider when giving strawberries to your dog. While healthy, they can lead to negative effects as well when served improperly.

In this article we’ll discuss these benefits, negative effects, and how to properly feed strawberries to your German Shepherd.

Why Are Strawberries Good For German Shepherds?


Strawberries provide antioxidants which neutralize highly reactive oxygen containing molecules called free radicals which affect your dog’s immune system and cause progression of disease or premature aging.

As such, strawberries help slow down your German Shepherd’s aging, minimize the chance of life threatening ailments like cancer, prevent joint issues, and boost your dog’s overall immune system.


Strawberries are also rich in fiber, an important nutrient for your German Shepherd’s digestive system. 

Fiber aids in bowel regularity and helps produce a healthy intestinal pH which prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria. Without it, your German Shepherd’s digestive system may not work smoothly.


Strawberries are packed with a number of vitamins namely, Vitamin B1, B6, B9, C, and K. All of which provide plenty of benefits from preventing disease, promoting organ health and function, strengthening teeth and bones, and facilitating healthy growth overall.


Strawberries also provide a number of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and iodine. These minerals help with muscle and bone growth, cognitive function, heart and liver function, and overall cell health.

Potential Problems

While safe and highly beneficial, there are still some problems that may arise when feeding your German Shepherd strawberries. They are as follows:


While unlikely, it’s possible for your German Shepherd to have an allergic reaction to strawberries. If you notice your dog vomiting, itching, or having difficulty breathing, stop feeding it strawberries and take it to the vet.

Weight Issues And Diabetes

Strawberries contain sugar and feeding too much of it to your German Shepherd may lead to weight gain and an increased risk of diabetes.


Unwashed strawberries may contain pesticides or other chemicals that may poison your German Shepherd. Ingestion of these chemicals may lead to a variety of harmful effects from lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea, to coma and death.

How To Feed Strawberries To Your German Shepherd

To prevent problems, here are some guidelines on how to feed your German Shepherd strawberries:

Avoid Other Forms Of Strawberries

Feed your German Shepherd with only fresh strawberries and avoid other forms such as canned strawberries, strawberry ice cream, or jam. These other forms contain added sugars, preservatives, and possibly artificial sweeteners like Xylitol which is highly toxic to dogs.

All in all, these other forms cause digestive upset, increase risk of diabetes, and may cause organ damage or potentially kill your German Shepherd.

Wash Thoroughly Before Serving

Be sure to wash the strawberries to remove dirt or any chemicals that may still be on it. Doing so will help prevent your dog from eating unwanted substances that may potentially poison it.

Cut Or Crush

Strawberries are soft and small so they’re really unlikely to cause choking. But to be safe, you can either cut them into smaller pieces or crush and mix them with your dog’s meal.

Feed Moderately

Strawberries should only be considered as snacks or treats and so they should never consist of more than 10% of your German Shepherd’s diet. Generally speaking, this would be around 3 to 5 strawberries in a day.

That said, I won’t recommend that you feed your German Shepherd strawberries daily as again, they may cause weight gain and increase risk of diabetes. So try to limit feeding frequency to around 3 to 4 days weekly.


Finally, make sure you never let your German Shepherd eat strawberries unattended. You have to be there to observe and react accordingly to any problems that may arise. This is especially important, during the first time you feed your German Shepherd strawberries as your dog may have an allergic reaction.

Can German Shepherds Eat Strawberries?

To recap. Yes, German Shepherds can eat strawberries. They’re great healthy treats that provide antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will help your German Shepherd stay healthy. 

That said, you have to make sure that you serve the strawberries properly, as failure to do so may lead to complications such as weight issues, diabetes, and poisoning.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I’d just like to remind you that while I strive to provide the best and accurate information to help you take care of your German Shepherd, this article should by no means take precedence over professional advice. If you want to feed your German Shepherd strawberries or any other food, I highly recommend that you first consult with a veterinarian.

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