are german shepherds hyper

Are German Shepherds Hyper?

Are German Shepherds hyper?

Bred as working dogs, German Shepherds are active and high-energy dogs. As such, they tend to be hyper, especially as puppies. They love to run, jump, play, and just seem to be always on the go.

That said, this is quite a generalization as calm German Shepherds do exist. In fact, a German Shepherd’s activity level varies depending on a number of factors such as age, temperament, and environment.

So if you’re worrying about not being able to keep up with your German Shepherd, don’t worry as there are ways to calm it down. And we’ll learn all of that as we look deeper into German Shepherds and hyperactivity.

Why Are German Shepherds Hyper?

german shepherds jumping in the water

Naturally Active

German Shepherds were bred for work, and as such, they’re high in energy and stamina of which they have to release. This is why they need to get plenty of exercise and stimulation. If they don’t, they get bored and restless.


When German Shepherds are bored they develop behavioral issues such as destructive chewing, scratching, and hyperactivity. Again, they are innately high in energy and stamina, and when not properly exercised or stimulated, they will find their own means of release and entertainment.

Attention Seeking

As social dogs, German Shepherds may also exhibit hyperactivity when it wants to get attention. For instance, your German Shepherd may sometimes run around in excitement, jump on you, and even nip at you to get your attention.


Your German Shepherd’s diet may also cause it to become hyperactive. A diet composed of high quantities of carbohydrates and starch, for example, will cause your dog’s blood sugar levels to spike up and induce sugar rush.

When Do German Shepherds Calm Down?

German Shepherds usually start to calm down when they’re six months to three years old. This, however, could vary on a variety of factors such as training and how you raise your dog.

How To Calm Down A Hyperactive German Shepherd

Regular Exercise

A great way to calm your German Shepherd down would be to provide it with regular exercise and activity. Doing so will not only ease your dog of boredom, but it will also tire it out. And when it’s tired, it will most likely spend its time resting rather than being hyperactive. Always remember, a tired dog is a good dog.

So, set up a daily exercise routine of at least an hour of exercise daily. This could be by taking your German Shepherd on walks, or playing games such as tug of war and fetch.

Mental Stimulation

Aside from physical exercise German Shepherds also need mental stimulation. So try engaging activities such as the following:

Sniffing And Exploration

Let your German Shepherd make use of it’s highly developed nose to sniff and explore the world around it. Doing so would stimulate your dog’s mind as it tries to check out the new and exciting smells that it discovers. 

If you let your German Shepherd sniff and explore a bit when you’re out on your next walk, you’ll be quite surprised by how tired it’ll be.

Play Treasure Hunt

You could also incorporate sniffing and exploration into playtime. A treasure hunt game, for example, will make use of your dog’s sniffing prowess and its brain. This is a great way to exercise and mentally stimulate your dog while at home.

Teach Your Dog A New Trick

You could also mentally stimulate your German Shepherd by teaching it a new trick. For example, you can teach it how to shake hands.

What’s awesome about this is not only does it satisfy your dog’s needs, but it’s also a great way to bond.

Get Your Dog Some Interactive Toys

Finally, you could also opt into getting interactive dog toys that are designed to make your dog think. Keep in mind though, that your dog will eventually get bored of playing with the same toy or puzzle over and over, so you would need to have a number of toys in rotation.


Another great solution to calming your German Shepherd down is training. By doing so, you gain better control of your dog’s tendencies and you can prevent your dog from becoming hyperactive.

Reinforce Proper Behavior

In relation to training, one way of preventing your German Shepherd from being hyper is by reinforcing calm behavior. And you do that by rewarding your dog by praise or treats when it stays calm and behaved.

This is especially crucial when your German Shepherd becomes hyperactive as a way of getting your attention. In such cases, you should always remember not to reinforce the undesired behavior by giving your dog attention when it’s hyperactive.

Instead, only reward your dog or give it attention when it calms down. In doing so, you will effectively teach it that it will only get attention when it behaves appropriately.

That said, keep in mind that you must always remain patient when it comes to training and reinforcing proper behavior. The whole thing is a process and you won’t get results overnight. 

You would need to stay consistent in correcting and rewarding your German Shepherd for behaving properly until it eventually stops being hyperactive.

Also, do refrain from punishing or using negative reinforcement. It has been proven that such methods don’t work, and instead of correcting your dog’s behavior, it will only lead to fearfulness, distrust, and even aggressive behavior.

Let Your Dog Socialize

Letting your dog socialize with other pets is another great way of getting it tired.

So try to take your German Shepherd to doggy daycares or dog parks. Doing so will get your dog both physically and mentally stimulated as it interacts and plays with other dogs.

Keep in mind though that in order to take your German Shepherd on walks or doggy daycares, it would have to be properly socialized. That way, you can prevent any issues such as overprotective and aggressive behavior when your dog interacts with other people and pets.

Be Mindful Of Your Dog’s Diet

Again, your dog’s diet may contribute to it becoming hyperactive. And so, try to avoid sugary and starchy food and feed your dog with high-quality dog food instead.

Make Sure You’re Not Hyper As Well

Lastly, make sure that you’re not hyper yourself. Your German Shepherd will most likely reflect your energy. If you act all excited, then don’t be surprised if your dog does as well.

Are German Shepherds Hyper?

As working dogs, German Shepherds have a tendency to be hyper. They’re always on the go and generally love to move around. That said, they can also be calm. But it depends on a variety of factors such as age, training, and how they’re raised.

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